I started a new project this week. The Sketchbook Project (http://blog.sketchbookproject.com/) is run by Brooklyn Art Library and tours the States every year. I heard about it through a friend off of my degree course and thought it would be a great starting point for me to get back into creating my own artwork (rather than commercial commissions).

I paid for the sketchbook, sketchbook sleeping bag and for the book to be digitized and chose the theme North, it was then shipped over to me and I have until 31 January 2015 to get the completed sketchbook back to them!

I’m going to try and produce regular blog posts to run alongside the creation of the sketchbook so thought I’d start with an instagram photo or two (find me on instagram @drinkingmilk). Here’s one from when I first got the sketchbook through and was rather excited!

Some more work that I have done since graduation, again all were done in biro but these were all personal work rather than for commissions. The bottom one is something I posted on my instagram (before throwing my iPhone down a hole in Malham) and was reposted by inkreview. It went on to receive over 1000 likes!

Seen as how I haven’t done any artwork in a while and I haven’t posted on here since graduating, thought I’d post a few images of commission work I’ve been doing. These were mostly done in standard ballpoint pen except the skull and flowers tattoo design which was done in pencil.

Ballpoints are definitely my favoured medium at the moment, I can’t get enough! But I would like to be doing some more conceptual artwork as opposed to family pets etc. Not that I’ll ever complain about having to do commissions, just wish I had the time to do a little of both!

I’m bringing blogging back…

It’s been nearly 18 months since my last blog post but today I had a slight epiphany. I’ve been doing drawings and commission work here and there but feel like if I don’t geet back into my own practice soon, I’ll lose it forever. This can’t happen. So - as well as creating work for myself now - I’m going to start blogging about it too.

This all coincides with the redevelopment of my website which will centre around my t-shirt designs but will also have areas for my other work.

I think starting to work at University within the Art, design and Architecture department has made me realise how much I miss having the freedom to make my art. It will be tough finding the time to make but I’m determined to start again, all be it rather slowly!

An online portfolio of my most recent work to run alongside my blog as a professional artist website. 

Cocoon IV(2012) Latex, rubber and sand

My original intention when creating a latex cocoon was to have a piece which contrasted the delicacy and fragility of the paper cocoons. I was considering using something like sandpaper so it would be rigid and have a rough texture but still hold similar qualities to the silk paper pieces. When it came to finding a large sheet of sandpaper though I ran into some difficulty. As I’d worked with latex before, I knew that I could create a rubbery, flexible cocoon which would contrast the silk paper forms in many ways, none more so than the fact that the paper cocoons are meant to be very natural whereas the rubber, although it has a skin like aesthetic, is artificial. I decided to incorporate the sand into the latex to add to the texture of the piece and to add another dimension.

The black rubber clinging to the inside of the cocoons, although initially accidental, reflects some of the theory I have been looking at in terms of human failure in both the natural world and artistically. Again it contrasts the organic look of the rest of my work, echoing scenes of spilt oil and thick black tar.

Cocoon III  (2012) Silk paper

I’ve finally completed the two silk paper sculptures. I took them into the photography studio to try figure out how I would like them displaying in the degree show. I decided on putting both sculptures together to form one piece. The paper structures are the most organic forms I will be having in the exhibition but show the least amount of human manipulation or destruction. However, I still wanted them ripped apart as opposed to one whole perfect cocoon form.

Following on from the completion of the physical structures I am hoping to create a subtle sound piece that can be played in the background at the exhibition to compliment the context of the work.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
— Dr Seuss, The Lorax (1971)

A park in Bradford is taken over by Ermine Moth Larvae in May 2011. Wish I’d seen it!